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Welcome Community Minded Business Partner!

As a community minded company, individual or parent are you concerned about the bullying that is taking place in our schools? Do you worry about the future of our children, the risk of another tragedy occurring at a local school? Not certain about how to get the most impact out of your sponsor dollar?

 Your company can make a difference by being a champion for children by supporting Joe the Biker’s anti-bullying efforts through The Yubbie Movement (Foundation). Your contribution can help thousands of children receive the important bullying message of Joe The Biker.  The rewards of becoming a partner with The Yubbie Movement (Foundation) are:


  • A community partnership with a highly respected nonprofit organization.
  • 85% of your 100% tax deductible contribution is allocated directly to programs.
  • Making a difference in the present and future lives of children.
  • Helping to cultivate a culture at schools where bullying is not accepted.
  • Receiving free media exposure on a local and national platform.
  • Increased Return of Investment (ROI): access to new customers who want to deal with a community-minded company.
  • Help put a stop to bullying in schools.


 How can you help?


Your organization can become a champion of The Yubbie Foundation and Joe’s efforts to end bullying nationwide.  Your support and contributions to our cause can save hundreds and empower youth everywhere to take control of their lives.  All contributions are used for presentations and material for schools.

To become a community partner or obtain more information on corporate or individual sponsorship please

 Click here NOW


Or call the Yubbie Foundation at (772) 323-0064.

Your contributions are 100% tax deductible and your help is sincerely appreciated.

The Yubbie Movement (Foundation) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on individual and corporate contributions to support Joe the Biker performances