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Welcome Administrators and Teachers !

 Do you worry about creating a safe atmosphere for children to learn and reduce the incident rate of bullying at your school?  Are you concerned and contemplate the question of what more could you do to minimize the risk of a tragedy at your school caused by bullying? Do you struggle with trying to create a sense of community at your school where everyone is protected and respected?  Do you wonder if there is more you can do besides the character building and bullying programs you currently have?

 As a Bullying Expert, I was targeted in my youth and have firsthand experience on how to deal with a bully. I also understand the developmental dynamics that cause a child to be a bully and can help.  An Educators’ Workshop addresses these issues and more.  I have the answers you want.

It is paramount that individuals who come in contact with students on a daily basis keep vigilant in pursuing the creation of a safe, healthy learning environment for children.


The Educators Workshop helps administrators, teachers and staff recognize the signs of bullying, understand the action that is required to report an incident of bullying, and the need to constantly be on guard for possible bullying situations. 

Joe Wojcik brings his expertise to bear by helping participants: 

  • Learn how to define a sense of community in their school.
  • Agree on common goals of the educational community.
  • Discuss the importance of being a role model.
  • Understand emotional nurturing.
  • Detect the signs that a child might be targeted.
  • Detect the signs that a child is a bully.
  • Learn how to build an atmosphere of trust in the classroom.
  • Helps put a stop to bullying in schools.

  “Bullying is defined for students as: The results of actions which cause another person emotional pain, pain which is often internalized, causing irreparable damage. I believe that students can become attuned to the need for not participating in malicious behavior, in fact refusing to accept or engage in any behavior that has a negative impact on another person while developing a sense of service to others.  It’s developing an atmosphere of and mutual commitment to “community” where each member is respected and protected.  The social theory supports the fact that if we demonstrate the traits and behaviors we are attempting to change those observing our behavior soon adopt them for themselves. It’s through example we achieve healthy change.” 

Joe has spoken to organizations including the Massachusetts Teachers Association, Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators, Anti Defamation League, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, PTO groups and many more. 

As a bullying expert, Joe appeared weekly on a segment called “Bully Busters” sharing invaluable information about bullying.  It aired on the ABC affiliate WGGB that won the Community Service Award by the Associated Press.  To see a sample of his TV segment:

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Joe is the author of Call Me Yubbie (January 2010), Yubbie: The Fall and Rise of an Everyday Joe (October 2008) and the developer of a workbook series and DVD presentation for schools, teachers, parents, and children called Say NO To Bullying Today.

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The Yubbie Movement (Foundation) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on individual and corporate donations to sponsor Joe the Biker performances in schools.