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“Do you worry about creating a safe atmosphere for children to learn and reduce the incident rate of bullying at your school?  Are you concerned and contemplate the question of what more could you do to minimize the risk of a tragedy at your school caused by bullying? Do you struggle with trying to create a sense of community at your school where everyone is protected and respected?  Do you wonder if there is more you can do besides the character building and bullying programs you currently have?” 

There is!!  As a Bullying Expert, my book, Call Me Yubbie is an emotionally charged school read designed for students in the 6th to 8th grade.  It is an excellent tool in the classroom to help students empathize with those who are being targeted by bullies.  It can also be read to students from Kindergarten to 5th grade levels. 

Call Me Yubbie

Call Me Yubbie sidebarA multi-layered young adult novel, Call Me Yubbie is written as a young man’s journal.  Starting in the summer after 4th grade, Joe, nicknamed Yubbie by the bullies at his school is abused physically and psychologically.   He was different – he was overweight.  Yubbie’s lack of self-confidence and inability to deal with his tormentors leads to journaling, and it is in his poignant telling of events and their effect on him along with his fantasizing that the reader is given real insight into the depth of his pain.

Yubbie never loses his weight but gains self-confidence – accepting himself – just the way he was and the understanding that it was the bullies who had the problem.  The nurturing he receives gives him the ability to deal with the fear of going to high school and the confidence to ward off the bullies in his life.

Call Me Yubbie helps young people:

  • Come to the awareness that they are perfect just the way they are.
  • Empathize with those targeted by bullies.
  • Develop the understanding that it is the bully who has the problem.
  • Promote increased self-confidence through discovering their talents.
  • Helps put a stop to bullying in schools.

A book that will spark thought and engender real conversation, Call Me Yubbie is a must read for parents and educators as well as students between 9-14 years of age.

Here is what a Senior Child Therapist has to say:

“A heart-wrenching, poignant story, Call Me Yubbie illuminates the intense emotional experiences of a young boy’s trials of being bullied and his journey towards self acceptance.  A book to be absorbed and remembered by students, parents and educators, Call Me Yubbie is also a wonderful multi-layered tool for opening discussion of self-image and bullying with children.”

Eileen A. Messer, MEd, LMHC Senior Child Therapist Cutchin’s Children’s Clinic


Call Me Yubbie is a perfect school read.

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