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Do you worry about creating a safe atmosphere for children to learn and reduce the incident rate of bullying at your school?  Are you concerned and contemplate the question of what more could you do to minimize the risk of a tragedy at your school caused by bullying? Do you struggle with trying to create a sense of community at your school where everyone is protected and respected?  Do you wonder if there is more you can do besides the character building and bullying programs you currently have?

There is!!  As a Bullying Expert, I was targeted in my youth and have firsthand experience to share with your students on how to deal with a bully. I also understand the developmental dynamics that cause a child to be a bully and can help.  I have presented to over 100,000 students empowering them to take action.  A visit from Joe The Biker is just the answer.

The Say NO to Bullying Today Performance Middle School presentation is a 50 minute educational performance by Joe the Biker.  It is a compelling, highly inter-active presentation that provides students with specific techniques for dealing with bullying, taking into consideration the stressors and pressures which impact these adolescents. As effective as it is inspirational, this program has been proven to resonate with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. The music and activities for this presentation are more appropriate for students in the Middle School grade levels as they have been designed to engage students in creating solutions to help resolve the problem of bullying at their school. Students are given an opportunity to share and discuss their feelings about bullying and the form it takes within this age group. There is also a focus on cyber-bullying and its effect together with related consequences as this has become so prevalent with this age group.

View a sample of a Joe the Biker presentation in front of a Middle School audience.

Say NO to Bullying Today Middle School presentation:

  • Uses a multi-sensory educational approach using right/left brain.
  • Provides students with tools necessary to deal with bullying proactively.
  • Is appropriate for students in the 6-7-8 grades.
  • Has been extremely well received by students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Discusses cyber-bullying together with its effects and consequences.
  • Students take the I am part of a Community pledge.
  • Helps put a stop to bullying in schools.

Here is what administrators have to say:

Your message was well received by the students with many later commenting on bullying and how to stand up to it and stop it, just like you did. Great job

Jill Nascimento, School Counselor, Chestnut Community Middle School, MA

“Your bullying awareness presentation and personal story touched the hearts of many students.  The message of “respect and protect” is one that we will always remember……Teaching kindness and respect in a way that is considered “cool” is not easy, and Joe the Biker achieved that goal.  Seeing him remove his “tough guy” image to show the true man beneath was powerful!”

Karen Richmond, Assistant Principal, St. Anastasia Catholic School, FL

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The Yubbie Movement (Foundation) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on individual and corporate donations to sponsor Joe the Biker performances in schools.