Help a Stop to Bullying

Thanks for joining me for another Joe the Biker blog which can be read or viewed as a video blog.

So many of you  have told me how important my work is presenting my anti-bullying message in our schools as Joe the Biker and how it makes an important difference in the lives of our students.

Here is your opportunity to help.  The Yubbie Foundation is starting its Fall fund raising campaign to raise $150,000 to continue its 5th year mission throughout the United States giving students the tools they need to deal with bullying.

Our goal is to give 200 FREE performances to schools during the academic 2012-2013 school year, reaching many inner city schools whose budgets don’t allow for any extra.

Please visit our fund raising effort at: Indiegogo

Here our fund raising video:


Please go to the Indiegogo site to make your donation NOW

Thank you for your support to put a stop to bullying in our schools.   Remember we appreciate your feedback and comments.  Don’t forget your FREE Parents Guide to Bullying by clicking here NOW

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