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Do you worry about the articles you read where a tragedy occurred in a local school because a child could not cope with the emotional torment of being bullied?  Are you concerned when you see TV media talking about how a student brought a weapon to school and opened fire?  Are you perplexed about the way our society is heading?

Become a donator and help me make a difference. Like you I am concerned too!!!  That is why as a bullying expert and as Joe the Biker, I travel, speak and consult parents and schools throughout the US.  I have presented to over 100,000 students trying to change the foundation of our culture where everyone is respected and protected.  Like you I want a society that fosters a sense of inclusiveness where the individual is accepted regardless of color, ethnicity, religious belief or sexual preference.

Through The Yubbie Foundation we offer schools free presentations, performances, material and give students recognition for taking our pledge against bullying.  The Yubbie Foundation,  a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, that sponsors Joe The Biker performances and materials. This is only made possible through the generous contributions of individual donations and corporate sponsors to The Yubbie Foundation. 

The rewards as a partner with The Yubbie Foundation are:

  • A gift of our Parents Guide to Bullying.
  • Making a difference taking a stand against bullying in our schools.
  • 85% of your 100% tax deductible contribution is allocated directly to programs.
  • Become a partner of a highly respected organization.
  • Help putting a stop to bullying in schools

Help us keep our children safe from the humiliation and torment of bullies by helping us give them the tools they need to stand proud, feel good about themselves and work towards creating a community in their schools.  Make our schools safe and free from bullying.



Or call the Yubbie Foundation at (772) 323-0064

Your contributions are 100% tax deductible and your help is sincerely appreciated.

The Yubbie Movement (Foundation) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on individual and corporate contributions to support Joe the Biker performances