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“Do you worry about what is happening to your child at school?  Do you stay up night wondering if your child is being bullied and how to approach the subject with them?  Are you concerned on how to effectively approach the school administrators to guarantee the safety of your child at school?” Are you scared?

I understand the frustration and anxiety a parent experiences when they are trying to figure out what to do.  As Parents we need to make sure that our children are protected and we have open channels of communication with them that guarantee we know what is happening in their lives.  Oftentimes parents do not know where to turn, what to or how to get their child to talk.  Let me guide you through the process as I have many a parent.  I have the answers you are looking for.

The Parents Consulting is a one on one with bullying expert Joe Wojcik who can:

  • Help a parent detect the early warning signs that their child is being bullied.
  • Help a parent detect the early warning signs that their child is a bully.
  • Provides insight into what to do to protect their child.
  • Shares how to manage the school administration system.
  • Discusses ways to bully-proof their children through healthy nurturing.
  • Describes the importance of opening the channels of communication and provides tools for doing so.

Please read this testimonial from a parent in Florida who was able to turn a tragedy around after having consultations with Joe Wojcik, the bullying expert.

To Whom It May Concern;

My experiences with Joe Wojcik were so moving, and so impactful to my daughter’s life, as well as my entire family’s life, that I had to stop what I was doing to ensure I wrote this letter.  My youngest daughter was having such a terrible time at school that she wasn’t sleeping due to nightmares, wasn’t eating due to the hurtful words and rumors, and had lost all self-esteem due to the bullying she was experiencing at her elementary school.

 My daughter is a beautiful girl, who is in honor’s classes, on the school track team, and is also a competitive cheerleader; she is the last person anyone would have thought would have been the victim of bullying.

As parents, my wife and I were experiencing the full gamut of emotions: anger, sadness, anxiousness, and fear.  To make a long story short, Joe shared his background with me, helped me understand how to bully-proof my daughter, rebuilt my daughter’s self-esteem, and also talked me off the ledge so I could have a productive conversation with my daughter’s school administrators that ensured her safety and effectively dealt with the bullies.

Joe has the uncanny ability to effectively communicate with children (victims and bullies), parents, and administrators so that all parties can understand the potentially catastrophic impacts that bullying causes, but equally importantly, to bully proof our children and make sure they walk away with one simple but powerful understanding; our children are perfect exactly the way they are!

Bullying is a real threat to our children and our communities.  We desperately need heroes like Joe who are brave enough to share their stories and who care enough to protect our children.

 I am petrified to think what would have happened to my daughter and my family had it not been for Joe’s help.

My family is forever in debt to Joe! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Best Regards,

Michael B. – Florida

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