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“Do you worry about what is happening to your child at school?  Do you stay up night wondering if your child is being bullied and how to approach the subject with them?  Are you concerned on how to effectively approach the school administrators to guarantee the safety of your child at school?  Are you scared?”

I understand the frustration and anxiety a parent experiences when they are trying to figure out what to do.  I was bullied as a child and have firsthand experience that can help you get a handle on bullying through my Parents Presentation – a one (1) hour presentation for parents, caregivers and adults.  I have the answers you have been looking for.

As Parents we need to make sure that our children are protected and we have open channels of communication with them that guarantee we know what is happening in their lives.

Joe Wojcik, a bullying expert, presents informative material in an interactive and highly engaging manner, helping parents gain new insight in dealing with this issue. Parents need to arm their children with healthy nurturing that ultimately prevents bullying.  They need to be role models and empower their children to Say No to Bullying – whether the bullying is directed at them or at others.

The Parents Presentation is a compelling discussion that:

  • Gives parents early warning signs that their child is being bullied.
  • Gives parents early warning signs that their child is a bully.
  • Provides insight into what to do to protect their child.
  • Shares how to manage the school administration system.
  • Discusses ways to bully-proof their children through healthy nurturing.
  • Describes the importance of opening the channels of communication.
  • Helps parents understand their roles in setting a positive example.
  • Helps parents put a stop to bullying in schools.

View Joe Wojcik appearing on the weekly segment “Bully Busters” that aired on the ABC affiliate WGGB.  He addresses the issue and gives parents valuable information on bullying.  “Bully Busters” won the 2011 Associate Press’s Award for Community Service.


Alice Moran, parent : “I just want to say your presentation was excellent! The world needs more people like you. What you do is a great service to our community.”


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