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 “Do you worry about creating a safe atmosphere for children to learn and reduce the incident rate of bullying at your school?  Are you concerned and contemplate the question of what more could you do to minimize the risk of a tragedy at your school caused by bullying? Do you struggle with trying to create a sense of community at your school where everyone is protected and respected?  Do you wonder if there is more you can do besides the character building and bullying programs you currently have?

As an anti-bullying expert, I have help thousands of parents, administrators, teachers and students through a variety of presentations and performances.  I was targeted in my youth and have firsthand experience to share which can make a difference and give you valuable information on how stop bullying in schools.  I have the answers you have been looking for.

Joe Wojcik, bullying expert offers:

Joe the Biker offers presentations to:

Joe The Biker has presented to over 100,000 students.

“The most effective strategy to eliminate bullying is to create a sense of community in our schools whereby each member believes that it is his or her responsibility to protect and respect every other member. It is paramount to foster an atmosphere of intolerance for bullying among children armed with practical tools for dealing with it, and strengthened by an environment of open communication and proactive response from parents and educators.”

Joe Wojcik presentations as well as Joe the Biker performances:

  • Empower participants to action.
  • Are informative and educational.
  • Help create a sense of community.
  • Help put a stop to bullying in schools.

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Bullying Is An Epidemic
It Exists In Every School
What Are You Doing About It In Yours?