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Call Me Yubbie – $12.95

Call Me Yubbie sidebarA multi-layered young adult novel, Call Me Yubbie is written as a young man’s journal.  Starting in the summer after 4th grade, Joe, nicknamed Yubbie by the bullies at his school is abused physically and psychologically.   He was different – he was overweight.  Yubbie’s lack of self-confidence and inability to deal with his tormentors leads to journaling, and it is in his poignant telling of events and their effect on him along with his fantasizing that the reader is given real insight into the depth of his pain. 

Yubbie never loses his weight but gains self-confidence – accepting himself – just the way he was and the understanding that it was the bullies who had the problem.  The nurturing he receives gives him the ability to deal with the fear of going to high school and the confidence to ward off the bullies in his life.

Call Me Yubbie helps young people:

  • Come to the awareness that they are perfect just the way they are.
  • Creates empathy towards those targeted by bullies.
  • Develop the understanding that it is the bully who has the problem.
  • Promotes increased self-confidence through discovering talents.
  • Put a stop to bullying in their school.

A book that will spark thought and engender real conversation, Call Me Yubbie is a must read for parents and educators as well as students between 9-14 years of age.

” A heart-wrenching,  poignant story, Call Me Yubbie illuminates the intense emotional experiences of a young boy’s trials of being bullied and his journey towards self acceptance.  A book to be absorbed and remembered by students, parents and educators, Call Me Yubbie is also a wonderful multi-layered tool for opening discussion of self-image and bullying with children.”

Eileen A. Messer, MEd, LMHC Senior Child Therapist Cutchin’s Children’s Clinic




Say No To Bullying Today $14.95

The workbook is for children from k-6th grades and includes six exciting stories that help children with bullying. 

Each story is a message, a lesson to be learned to help stop bullying if it is happening to your child or someone else.  Don’t let the bullies destroy your child’s precious childhood.  One of the most important aspects of warding off attacks by bullies is building healthy self esteem and strong character.  Each chapter includes character education.  Come join us on a magical journey with Yubbie.  


Say No to Bullying Today is a compelling workbook that: 

  • Uses a multi-sensory educational approach.
  • Has been used by thousands of children.
  • Provides children with tools necessary to deal with bullying proactively.
  • Is formatted to help build character through stories and exercises.
  • Gives parents the ability to interact and open a dialog around the subject of bullying.
  • Provides parents with information and resources on nurturing and bullying.
  • Has been extremely well received by students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Comes with a 1 year money back guarantee to be an effective tool in helping children.

Here is what one mother had to say about the workbook:

 “I am a firm believer that God sends to me the people I need at just the right time. … With the Say No To Bullying Today workbook in hand I went home one evening to find that my 6 year old son was on the bus and for the first time had been bullied.  With limited knowledge of how to guide him through this situation I turned to the Say No To Bullying Today workbook and started to read to him the stories.  I immediately recognized that the stories provided each of us with a sense of comfort and understanding.  We kept reading, the stories walked my son through the concept of bullying and defined why people bully and provided him with the tools necessary to both understand the bullying and confront the situation in a very healthy way. After reading the workbooks, my son’s instincts said that he should try and manage the bullies on his own.  At 6 years old my son was able to get both of his bullies to understand that bulling is not ok and to develop an entirely different relationship with each of them moving forward.  The stories within the workbooks gave him the tools and techniques and gave him the confidence to face the bullies.”

Michele Equale, Westfield, MA