What Schools have to say about Joe the Biker performances:

“Joe the Biker’s message is an important one. Even if your school has had its share of anti-bullying presenters, you’ll probably find Joe to be unique. He has a presence that engages students and a story that is heartfelt.”

Pete Crisafulli, Principal Whately Elementary School

“We appreciate how you connected with our students by sharing your story and bringing the topic to their level……..Many students, parents, and teachers continue to express how much you positively affected their views on the sensitive topic of bullying.”

Kisha Bellande-Hinds, Assistant Principal, Frances K. Sweet Elementary, FL

“…students really enjoyed the presentation. Your message was well received by the students with many later commenting on bullying and how to stand up to it and stop it, just like you did. Faculty and staff members, as well as the parents in attendance, commented on how engaged the students were, especially with the new rap song and the Yubbie pledge.”

Jill Nascimento, School Counselor, Chestnut Hill Community School

“Joe The Biker’s message resonated because he spoke from personal experience and was able to get the audience to see how being bullied as a child has influenced his entire life…. A master story teller he illustrated his points and said that he encourages cultures in school to be places where everything is on the table for discussion and everyone feels part of a community. . Joe the Biker got to the students .”

Carol Jacobs – Superintendent of Schools Georgetown MA 

“The students were able to immediately connect with Joe….I was very impressed with the level of performance Joe was able to provide for our students.  He was able to adapt his presentations for our Kindergarten through 5th grade.  This made the presentations meaningful and relevant to the grade levels he was working with.”

Dianne Memmer-Novak, Ph.D Assistant Principal Felix A. Williams Elementary FL

“…Joe the Biker’s ability to adjust his language and developmental methodology was striking.  To effortlessly shift his presentation style and content from kindergarten to 300 eighth grade students was impressive.  Our students still continue to talk about his outstanding presentations.”

Brian Blakely – Assistant Superintendent of Schools New Boston NH

 “Joe the Biker presented an exciting lesson from the very first second he was introduced.  He captured the students’ attention with his tough exterior to quickly reveal himself as a regular guy with a very important message to share about bullying…. Without a doubt, Joe the Biker is a sure thing to bring home the message to students that bullying needs to stop and that loving who you are and what you are about is more important than the negative influence of others.  This is a win-win show!!”

Jacqueline C. Lynch, Principal, White City Elementary, FL

“Your willingness to share the stories of being bullied as a child as well as open and honest delivery of an anti-bullying message was received very well by our students and staff…Your focus on encouraging students to empower themselves to take control and stop the bullying as well as the message that they need to report the bullying to an adult helped reinforce the message we are sending.”

William Lataille, Assistant Principal, Granite Valley Middle School

What parents have to say:

“After reading your workbooks, my son’s instincts said that he should try and manage the bullies on his own. At 6 years old my son was able to get both of his bullies to understand that bullying is not ok and to develop an entirely different relationship with each of them moving forward. I am so proud of my son and I am so thankful that the folks at the Yubbie Foundation have committed their lives to helping kids like my son. Every school system should be using this material as early in their curriculum as possible – it works and the kids like it.”

Michele Equale, Parent 2010